High On Love And Poffertjes In Amsterdam

After a busy weekend eating amazing food, seeing amazing things and doing amazing things, I’d like to say Aaron and I’s weekend in Amsterdam was a complete success. Both of us love happy people and happy places, and I feel like some places in Europe can have a stuck up vibe to them so we don’t get the same kind of enjoyment out of them. In Amsterdam though we didn’t want to leave. It is such an amazing and thriving city and everyone is soooooo nice. And it was truly unlike anywhere we’ve ever been before and we’ve been to countless cities. We did so much walking I had to have Aaron massage my feet because I refused to stop wearing my heels.. I’m so short lol. Fashion over pain 😛

I didn’t know what I expected when we arrived to Amsterdam. I always just knew that Amsterdam was one of those places you need to go to because well – it’s Amsterdam. Everyone goes to Amsterdam. It was actually Aaron who convinced me to see Amsterdam on this trip because I really wanted to go to Lucerne on the way to Barcelona and going up North to the Netherlands seemed like a waste of time. But I’m soooooo happy we decided to spend a weekend in Amsterdam! Scroll down for a little story 🙂


Spending the weekend in Amsterdam


The Best Things to Do In Amsterdam Check List


It was a busy weekend full of sights and pofferjies. I didn’t want to stop moving! We went to the Van Gogh Museum and walked 17 kilometres according to the iPhone before it died. After it died we’d spent the next 30 minutes wandering around the canals trying to find home because they all look the same! And to make it a little more dramatic it was raining but hey, it happens! Rain will be rain!

Only photo from the Van Gogh Museum I took before I got in trouble haha. Erps 😳😅

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The Van Gogh Museum was good but as an artist I get frustrated with people dissecting other artists thinking that every brush stroke has a meaning. I don’t think when someone is painting or drawing they think about what other people are going to interpret – you just do art because you do what you love! Nothing too crazy about it. What do you think? Anyways back to  weekend in Amsterdam!


Since we were there on a Friday we were going to, for a better lack of the word, party, in Amsterdam. I think most people go to Amsterdam to let loose and enjoy themselves (I just went because it looked pretty) so I knew they would have a good nightlife. I’m not a big partier (my bar star days are gone) but I like to enjoy a nice glass of wine on the patio and there are so many places to grab a drink outside in Amsterdam! So like normal people who are trying to save money we pre drank at this small bar beside our hotel that had a cool ambiance. Anddddddd because their drinks are super cheap, like 3 Euro for a glass of wine.




If you’re looking for a nice area to hang out, Leidsestraat area is a nice place where you can hop around trying different foods and drinks. There is also canals near by so it’s a pretty fun spot to hang out and people watch!


Spending The Weekend In AmsterdamSpending The Weekend In Amsterdam


After wine we went to this pancake house to get poffertjies because these are a must try! I feel in love with them of course. I normally eat really healthy but these bad boys were such a treat! Because I was addicted to those little sugary puffs of goodness we went to this poffertjie house to get some but they said we needed to get a drink if we wanted to eat there. So like a smarty pants I am I got a vodka water..


Also fun fact – Did you know in Amsterdam you can buy a bottle of wine and take it out with you? It seemed like the cheaper option to just buy the bottle, so we had this half drunken bottle of wine that we were hauling around so I went back to the hotel to drop it off. Let’s just say I don’t drink so I fell asleep after poffertjies. Wild night in Amsterdam lol.


Spending The Weekend In Amsterdammetropolitan amsterdam


Acai bowls ❤️

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The next day we went to breakfast at a really yummy brunch place called Metropolian that I read about from a blogger (Polina – Polabur) which was perfect! They have very Instagram ready meals that taste just as good as they look. After some delicious breakfast we wandered around the canals and just got lost in it all –


Spending The Weekend In Amsterdam


There was no real plan for Amsterdam besides enjoying every blissful minute of the beautiful buildings and the small hole-in-the-wall cafes so we really just spent our time exploring. I mean what better way to get to know a city than to get lost in its streets and see what happens? Aaron and I enjoyed our time checking out cafes and eating food, probably two of my favourite things to do!


Spending The Weekend In AmsterdamSpending The Weekend In Amsterdam


On our last day we went to the flower markets and I was so happy to see all the cute little flower arraignments, succulents and hanging flowers! I can only imagine how beautiful it must be there during the summer time when every things in bloom and smelling wonderful. I can imagine it now – the sun, the flowers, the canals.. Maybe I’ll have to go back during spring!


street fritz amsterdam

Cool floor I found yesterday 😍

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Next on the list was getting some much desired street fritzes because they are an absolute must in Amsterdam! I know I know I always talk about the food but I can’t help it! I like good food. We grabbed some fritzes served in a yellow cone and strolled back to the flower market where we ignored the rain and ate our fries like the little piggies we are. It was perfect! Rain and all.


Amsterdam is a great place to spend the weekend and four days is a perfect amount of time to really explore and get to know the city! You can see all the sights comfortably without feeling too rushed and you can eat the food without having to eat it all in one sitting. I highly recommend just wandering the canals because I couldn’t find a non picturesque places to see!


How long do you like to stay in places?

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