How I’m Taking Charge Of 2019

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It’s halfway though January and there’s this fire in my belly to be better, do better and be happier. For the first time in years I feel like I am in full control of my future. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I am finally settled in a new city, my dreams are bearing fruit or maybe it’s the fact that the sun came out today, but for days I’ve had this itch to write more, draw more, go for runs and start searching for an apartment to buy. 

When I think about my future now I get this fiery feeling that I just want to conquer and accomplish. It’s interesting to look back at where I was in 2018 at this time. My mental health wasn’t the best but I still had hope. Now, my mental health has never been better and a side effect of that is I want to workout more, move more and see more. 

To say I’m excited for 2019 is an understatement. I had completely left my comfort zone in 2018 and it was so surreal. I left my job, packed all my things, said goodbye to my friends and family, found an apartment last minute and began the 2 day trip to Vancouver. I had no job lined up. No friends waiting for me. Just me and Aaron and our desire to get more out of this one life we have. It wasn’t easy adjusting, we had a two hour meltdown in a Wholefoods parking lot in Seattle a few months in, but we stayed determined to make it work. And we did. 

Now that my headspace has never been better and the ground work for our future is laid out, I am excited to create a list of how I will be better in 2019. I’m super inspired to live the life I’ve always envisioned. 

Eat Better. You guys are probably sick of reading this as a 2019 resolution but my diet was all over the map in 2018. I ate only carbs some months, other months I drank too much wine and ordered too much food. Feeling shitty about myself I started the keto diet and while it worked, it left me lethargic. I’m a vegetarian and on the diet you can’t eat any fruit, maybe a few berries. Working out became impossible.

For 2019 I want to listen to my body more and eat the foods I know it craves. I have this nasty habit of self sabotage where I’ll mention pizza to Aaron in hopes he’ll say “ya! Let’s get pizza.” So it’s not really me deciding to get pizza it’s him. I need to remind myself of how these foods make me feel and remind myself that this won’t get me any closer to my goals. That doesn’t mean I won’t indulge, I just want to eat better 99% of the time so for the 1% I do indulge it doesn’t feel like a setback. This will also save me money and keep me away from those famous Vancouver happy hours.

So for now I’m sticking to a plant based diet full of fruits and vegetables and minimal starchy carbs because I’ve noticed I get so tired when I eat these. I’d rather get energized off pineapples then crackers these days.


Create A Workout Routine. I stopped running a while ago because I was trying to do more HIIT workouts and my knees couldn’t take both. Sometimes I liked HIIT but now I’m back on running and want to incorporate weights. I do really well at working out when I’m in it, but when I don’t have a routine I fall off track and will go months without working out and I’m back to square one.

I want to get back to working out 5-6 days a week for at least an hour. I’d like to join Equinox eventually. They offer pilates, boxing and so many other classes I’m dying to try.

Work Smarter.  I am the master procrastinator and lack discipline. I have lost days of productivity due to Neflix binges, scrolling through Instagram and literally anything else but working. When Instagram changed their algorithm I became obsessed with beating it, but just as I figured it out they would change again and I would be left feeling miserable. But I have lost so much time on that app, trying to figure it out, that I’ve neglected this blog and my artwork.

Instagram isn’t the be all, end all, even though it can feel like it. The app was once a place where we could follow along with our favourite bloggers and see what they are up to daily. But it’s become a game I don’t think anyone is happy with. I don’t think these numbers should reflect how we feel about ourselves which is why I started up my blog again. This is a place I control and can be free to be myself.

Instead of wasting my time stressing over this app, feeling like I missed my chance, I want to be smarter about my workflow and continue to grow and an artist and photographer.


Be More Creative. I’m not sure how you just decide to be more creative but I want to get out of my comfort zone with every creative aspect of my life. I have become bored with my blog, my style, and worst of all my artwork. I literally dread drawing now. I want to freshen everything up and I want to feel invigorated by my work again.

Moving to Vancouver was a great place to start for me but now it’s time to work internally to get my visions into reality.

Allow Yourself Downtime. Is it just me or does it feel hard to have downtime without feeling guilty?

Aaron works fourteen hours a day, if he’s lucky, so that gives me a lot of time to myself to work. But after half the day of writing, brainstorming, editing and planning photoshoots, I find it hard to allow myself that Netflix episode or Youtube video. I feel like anytime I’m not working towards my end goals is a waste of time. But that’s super unhealthy. Who decided we needed to work hard all day to feel like we’ve earned our time off?

We need to give ourselves permission to enjoy life and those little moments. So what if I want to watch a Neflix movie instead of work on this blog? It’s hard to find balance in life, especially when you are passionate about your work. It’s next to impossible to shut your brain off but I would like to allow myself downtime this year without being riddled with guilt.



How are you taking charge of 2019? Share in the comments <3 


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    Isabella Biagiotti
    March 10, 2019 at 1:11 pm

    Wow, those are some great goals. Very health/energy-based and changing up your routine and how you see things. I guess that is like travel..it allows people to change their perspective on their lives. So in a sense, you are bringing your travel and perspective-shifting experience into 2019 with you 🙂

    For me, I have really erased some of my goals. I tend to take on too much, but this year in 2019 I would like to clear my acne scars by healing my face with nutrients and healthy eats, ease into the zero-waste lifestyle (already made four swaps this month!), get a job in tech and move to the Pacific Northwest hopefully, and become a more positive person and quicker decision-maker (I tend to take a long time deciding things). I’m really excited for 2019 too! Best of luck!


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