The 10 Best Travel Tips I’ve Learned So Far

As I travel more and more I have started noticing things that might go over looked when you’re packing your bags for your next adventure. All of these have been a lessoned learned in the process so I hope you find them handy!


The 10 Best Travel Tips I’ve Learned So Far

The 10 best Travel Tips I’ve Learned So Far



Bring an extra battery – This way when you are charging your phone overnight you don’t have to worry about not charging your battery for your camera right away! When you wake up charge the drained battery while you are getting ready and it should be done by the time you’re done! With this cycle you can avoid things dying on you.


Bring another memory card – I am a hoarder of photos and hate hitting that delete button to clear more space. It feels like I’m actually deleting memories out of my brain or something. Bringing an extra card saves me the hassle of going through photos and choosing which ones are worth it because I love them all!


Take a fork or a spoon with you – There are random times in life where you are going to need a spoon so I always bring a Tutti Frutti spoon with me (that’s a little spoon I got from a yogurt place).


Load music – If you forget your iPod at home don’t worry! Just go to Youtube, find an hour or two playlist and wait for it to load completely. Don’t close your internet so when you open the laptop the videos are already loaded and voila! Entertainment for a few hours. Just don’t touch anything besides play or it might go away.


Load Google Maps – When you’re travelling to a destination and need directions just load your Google Maps while you’re on wifi with the entered destination. Make sure all data is off when you leave to avoid any charges. Use the loaded map as a guide without the wifi! This has saved me so much hassle while travelling because all you have to do is find your blue blinky dot and follow the map!


Go to Starbucks for water – I know there is not always a Starbucks handy but you can save a couple Euros by simply going to Starbucks and asking for a water. It’s free and you can refill it later! Another option is just buying a water from a convenience store and carrying that around with you so you don’t have to pay 10 Euro everyday on water bottles.


Wait until everyones on the plane – Chances are you already know this but I always think it’s better to wait because even if you are still the last ones to board the hall to the plane will be clogged with people still. If you can save yourself 15 mins of sitting on a plane why not? Enjoy the wifi and freedom of space!


Always pack a pair of comfy clothes – I’m talking about your worn out comfy sweatpants and an oversized tshirt. I always find myself wanting that extra comfort while travelling that feels like home. Since I don’t stay in hostels anymore I would always go “I can just hang out in a towel,” but what about when you go to get ice or just veg out? Undies and a tank aren’t always going to cut it and personally I find sweats and baggy shirts more comfortable! Especialy for those days when you’re bloated from too much pizza and just want to be free in baggy clothes.


Don’t pay for cell service – You don’t need it. Get Skype if you want to talk to your friends or family or I heard of this app called “Whatsapp” that’s like texting over wifi. If you need to text someone its only .75 cents so save yourself a 200$ bill and just stick to wifi. If it’s an emergency and you end up using your phone and get charged just called your cell provider and they will probably help you out if you’re a loyal customer! I had to use my phone in Hong Kong to tell Ritz Cartlon to hold my dinner reservation and to figure out where I was because a cab dropped me off in the middle of no where and I had a massivveeee bill when I got home. I told them what happened and that it was on my birthday no less so they took care of it for me!


Don’t over pack – If you are questioning if you should bring something or not ask yourself – “Can I buy this there?” If the question is yes then leave it. Save yourself weight and room!


Bring a plastic bag – I know it’s not just me who gets grossed out by dirty socks and underwear floating around their suitcases. You’re feet get extra sweaty while travelling and they will make the rest of your clothes seem smelly and dirty so just grab an extra bag and store them in there to keep things separate


Bring laundry pods – When you find a machine just throw your clothes in with a pod and hang them to dry in your room! Its a lot easier than trying to figure out detergent dispensers in another language and having people stare at you and help you out of pity! Ah memories…


Bring your comforts with you – I like cinnamon. Actually I love cinnamon. I drown everything in cinnamon. So I started bringing cinnamon with me! I use it for oatmeal when I have a kettle in the room or when I have a banana or apple that I am able to chop up and cover in cinnamon. I also have honey with me and protein bars because I find them hard to find while I’m abroad.




I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know any of your travel tips that I might have missed!

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  • Reply
    April 29, 2016 at 4:57 pm

    Unfortunately if you wait until everyone’s on the plane, then all the overhead luggage bins will be full! That tip will only work if you’re travelling with smaller carry-ons to go under the seat in front of you. 😉

    • Reply
      May 1, 2016 at 7:39 am

      Oh I’ve literally never had that problem! Good to know though thanks for sharing :]


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