The Best Sweets & Treats You Need To Indulge In

I hope you brought your stretchy pants.

If you’re anything like me then food is the first thing on your mind when travelling. I know calories is a ‘taboo’ word for travellers, but nothing is more annoying than spending money on something that taste like garbage. It’s no far! But nevertheless I thought I would throw it out there that travelling is fun, and food is one of the best parts ūüėČ

French treats are something to fall in love with. I mean the French have inspired the world to make food with skill and love, and when you visit France for the first time you can really tell they have mastered their craft of pastries. When I dreamed of visiting Paris, sitting outside like a local with a coffee and croissant in hand, people watching as the morning went on, I never really imagined just how good French pastries were.

Getting to France and deciding what desserts you need to eat can be a difficult choice, at least it is for me! I mean everything looks amazing and you only have so much stomach to fill. Being a healthy person I always want to make sure the calories are worth it when I indulge so making a list of “worth it” foods seemed like a helpful thing to do!¬†Here are the best treats to try in France!


The Best Treats To Try In France



Croissant РYou cannot go to France and no try one of these! These flakey, buttery, pastries of joy are a French staple. You can’t go a block without finding someone who sells them so head to a local bakery and buy a fresh one in the morning! Amazing with jam or on its own


the best sweets and treats to try in Paris


Macarons – The first time I ever saw a macaron was in Gossip Girl when Blair was eating some out of stress. I can relate. But I never really knew what these little disks were until I started seeing Instagram (Add me here!) posts and put two and two together! Head to Angelina or Laduree for a lovely macaron!


Hot chocolate – One of the best treats to try in France! Unlike back home in Canada where we use powder or thick chocolate ‚Äúsyrup,‚ÄĚ the French use actual chocolate. Like chocolate chocolate. And oh my can you tell the difference! It’s like you‚Äôre drinking a melted chocolate bar. I’ve never seen Aaron’s face light up that much! He doesn’t have an uncontrollable sweet tooth like me but even he was asking for more!


the best things to do in Paris checklist


Crepe РProbably a duh but you need to try a crepe. Even for the novelty of having a crepe in France. You can find plenty of places making fresh crepes, my favourite place to go is in the Tuileries Garden. I like mine slathered with Nutella but any other sweet or savoury flavour will be good!


Street waffle – You’ll find plenty of places in France to try this amazing sweet treat.¬†Grab them when they are hot off a waffle cart in Paris!


the best sweets and treats to try in France


Chocolate – I know they say Belgian chocolate is the best in the world but the French¬†do things in such a classy way that I feel like I’m about to eat something special.¬†Go to Laduree and try any of their home made chocolates and see for yourself!


Chocolate croissant – Why not try an amazing pasty and an amazing chocolate together?! Get it warmed up for some gooey goodness.


Everything – Basically everything in France is a must eat! They make the best pastries and treats so anything you get is going to be good. Try out the local bakeries early in the morning to get yourself a fresh treat! It’s a cheap and delicious way to start you day ūüôā



What are some on your treats to try in France? Anything too good you had to go back for? Share in the comments! 

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