The Girly Guide To Getting Ready For Travel

I never thought I would a girly girl. I was always a tomboy and on weekends I would go quading and hang out at the lake. My childhood was literally getting muddy and catching frogs. It was only in my twenties that I began to realize how girly I had become. Makeup, wearing nice clothes, wearing heels. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up.

As I write this I leave in a week before I am on a plane to Europe! I might actually be on the plane right now as you read this haha. Make sure you stay up to date on Snapchat @fernwehwolf or follow my Instagram!

I am pretty awful at getting ready for a trip. I always end up packing everything last minute but I’ve packed my suitcase so much it’s become and art form! Here is my girly guide to getting ready for travel 🙂


the girls guide to get ready for travel


The Girls Guide To Get Ready For Travel


Three Months Ahead 

Make sure you book your flights well in advance, preferably 3 months ahead or whenever you find the cheapest flights! Pre book your seats and do any special meal needs now so you don’t do what I did and forget to select my vegetarian meal so I was left grumpy on an 8 hour flight to Tokyo.


Two Months Ahead 

Start booking hotels. I love booking.com because I get free cancellation because I change my mind more than anyone else I know. I am always finding cool towns to see so I will rearrange an entire months itinerary so I can fit a certain place in there.


*Get your rail passes now if you need any. Better to have them too soon than too late.


Workout regimen. Start one you can stick to. Do not go running if you hate running because you will quit and that’s not good. Find an activity you like even if it is going for walks. Pick something that suits you.


Eating cleaner. I eat pretty clean all the time (at least I think I do) but it is not easy for me to lose weight or fat. In fact if I ever wanted to have the “ideal” body I would need to workout 3+ hours a day and live off lettuce and tofu but if I did that I would be miserable. And probably very mean. So it’s not about how much you weigh or how many pounds you lose it’s about how you feel inside and out! (UPDATE: After I wrote this I drank a whole bottle of wine, to myself, had 3 Red Lobster Biscuits, more chocolate than I’d like to admit and then the BIGGEST piece of cheesecake ever! Like I don’t like cheesecake but apparently on wine I do and I’m not kidding when I say it was the size of half my head. Off to Paris today!) 



One Month Ahead 

Start finalizing any bookings. You don’t want to be stranded anywhere or miss out on a great place to stay by leaving it to last minute.


Continue staying on your healthy lifestyle. There is no magic trick, no miracle diets, no special pills. All there is is work and dedication and staying on tract to lead a healthier lifestyle. I’ve been eating healthy and working out 6 days a week and haven’t lost a pound but I feel great which is the most important.


Start planning your trip. You don’t have to plan everything if you want to keep the trip spontaneous but I like to have a guide on what I want to see. I don’t like going somewhere completely blind because I have been to London 3 times and have not seen Stonehenge because of my bad planning.


Outfit idea time. Again I suck but plan your outfits. If saves you from over packing and gives you an opportunity to decided what you want to wear and how many pieces can go with other pieces. If you need something you can always buy it there!


girls guide to get ready for travel


2 Weeks Ahead

Crunch time! You are now counting down the days and cannot stop being excited. Time to start picking up the little things you need like razors, Q-tips, etc.


Start packing. Time to start putting things in your bag, washing clothes, getting your nails done, maybe a hair cut. All the girly things we like to do to get ready this is the time to do them.



1 Week 

Go over things you’ve missed. Make a list of the things you want to bring and make sure you have them. I always forget a hair brush so now that is the first thing I pack. And toothpaste. I always forget toothpaste and am offended by myself.


Limit carbs. Carbs are not the devil but try to limit them this week. Veggies and protein are your new favourite friends. Try to limit added sugars as well.


Cardio. Do not break yourself this week but add some cardio if you haven’t already. I was a runner, still am, but now I walk on incline because my knees started to hurt. Walking counts as cardio!


Drink all the water.


Eat any things you might miss. Counter productive but don’t forget to eat something you like before you go! I always get these Indian wraps before I go because they are soooooo good. I think it’s actually one of the main reasons why I haven’t moved to Toronto or something yet.



1 Day Ahead

Charge all your things.

Don’t forget your toiletries and makeup.


Layout your plane outfit.

Shower, wax, shave, etc.

Make sure everything ready to leave!

Au Revoir!



Remember when you’re getting ready to travel it’s all about feeling good in your own skin! Wear what makes you happy and do what makes you happy!

How do you prepare for a trip? Do any girly things?
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    February 16, 2016 at 3:10 pm

    Oh wow, I hope you have a good trip! You sound like you’re very organised.. I struggle to even pack for a trip until the night before!


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