How Fleeing Naples Turned Out To Be The Happiest Coincidence In Rome

So instead of spending 3 days in Naples before training to Milan we decided it was best to make a spontaneous trip to Rome! Rome’s always a good idea right? I’ve debated on telling you guys WHY, we decided to pull the plug on Naples. I mean you read about the amazing pizza so naturally you want to add it to your trip.

But shortly after arriving to Naples from gorgeous, breathtaking Positano – I was surrounded by garbage. Like literally mounds of garbage. Apparently the Mafia has literally taken control of the garbage industry in Naples. Um what? I didn’t even know the mafia excited A, and B how could I have not known?

So before you think I’m a baby and boohooing about garbage, there was a lot that happened on our arrival day. First we steeped in poo. And it wasn’t dogs if you catch my drift. And then when we finallyyyyy found our hotel it was sketchy and the receptionist guy was watching animal porn on the computer.. um excuse me? Already I was super uncomfortable being in a building with a weirdo guy who manages the security.

Next off, Aaron yelled.

I jumped off the bed to find him at the window and could have died laughing it was so unbelievable. There was a lady of the night, pooping outside our window. Sickly I went back to see the lady after wiping tears of laugher off my eyes to find the prostitute still there, but getting into a car! There was no toilet paper near her ‘spot.’

So anyways we got dressed and went for pizza where we then got ‘hustled’ by a cab driver. And as Canadians we don’t like to make a big deal of anything or to make a scene but we new the guy was over charging us. He thought we were dumb tourists, but honestly we couldn’t be bothered to say anything about the 3X surge price. And not only was the damn pizza place he took us to WRONG, I went to get gelato, you know to fill the cracks of my heart, to find the gelato place closed as well.

So we walked all the way to the right pizza place, got ignored the pizza lady who literally looked threw us as we waited patiently for her to acknowledge our existence. Finally we were served, grabbed our pizza, and then promptly bought a bottle of wine, booked a ticket to Rome and watched Netflix. Sometimes you need to go with your gut feeling.

We departed Naples early in the morning after a much needed americano and started the hour journey by train to Rome. We overpacked on snacks and water and it couldn’t have been more relieving.

trevi fountain rome

It was a rainy train ride that set the mood while we both read on the train. I am currently reading a book called The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris (anything with chocolate and Paris in it will always draw my eye). What Aaron and I didn’t take into account was when we made the decision to go to Rome, it was exactly two years ago that day we had been in Rome together! It was our second big trip together and had only been dating for around 6 months so it was definitely a happy coincidence to be in Rome!

What are the chances?! If it’s meant to be it’s meant to be!


trevi fountain rometrevi fountain rome


It was like going down memory lane. When we were first in Rome we both were confused travellers who bumped into everything and didn’t know how to handle the crowds and spent most of the time fumbling around. I remembered I packed all this tight clothing and was stressing out about my pizza belly and was just so self conscious! Plus it was hot and all my clothes were black so I was roasting the entire time. We also felt so rushed to see everything because then you didn’t really realize that you can’t see everything sometimes and that’s okay! Now being more mature and “worldly” we actually got to be observers reliving the past. Funny to look back at how cute and lost we can be.


We wandered around the Vatican City and made our way to the Trevi Fountain – A beloved wishing well of mine that was lovely to see again. After the fountain we walked to the Pantheon and were on our second servings of Gelato. I just couldn’t seem to find the right flavour of Kinder Surprise so I had to test them all! If you keep getting smalls it’s like you had one big serving right?


the fernweh wolfthe fernweh wolf colosseumthe fernweh wolfthe fernweh wolfthe fernweh wolf

After the Pantheon we took a stroll down Ponte Sant’Angelo which we were just in time for the sun setting behind St. Peters Basilica! The craziest part about being in the Vatican was that it was almost empty. Last time we had been in Rome it was Easter and it was crowdedddddd. It was so different to see the square so clear of people!



Shirt: Aritzia (similar)

Skirt: Brandy Melville (sold out)



It was a perfect day in Rome that we wouldn’t have had if we had stayed in Naples. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling! And our guts were telling us to go to Rome.



Sorry for the weird post schedules! My cold really knocked me out these past few days. What’s one of the weirdest coincidences you’ve ever experienced?!

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