Headed To Thailand? Here’s The Ultimate Pre-Travel Checklist

the Thailand checklist

Before going to Thailand there are a lot of things to consider which is why I made you a checklist! Where are you going? How much time in each place? What vaccinations do you needed? And so on. Being newbie travellers at the time I think my boyfriend and I both felt overwhelmed about how big of a trip Thailand would be. It’s quite far from Canada! We were going from glacier mountains to island villages. We doubled checked our lists and flew there from Tokyo, but as soon as we arrive to Thailand we found out it’s not so overwhelming at all! To make your planning easier I have made an Ultimate Thailand Checklist to help you with all your packing and decisions. Have fun!


Before hand:


Vaccinations. The first thing on the checklist! Go to your doctor and see what vaccinations you will need. If you are staying in high risk malaria areas then you’ll probably need some pills. Ask your doctor about rabies as well. It is extremely expensive but worth it if you are an advent traveller. Aaron and I didn’t get rabies and it wasn’t a problem.

Climate. Make sure you are travelling during a climate you can handle. September through October is their rainy season while November and December is a beautiful climate where you aren’t melting. Rain does happen but it is not an all day downpour. It lasts minutes and then stops and then starts again later on.

Transportation. Knowing where you are staying is important. I thought Phuket was a town, not an entire area so when we arrive to the airport with an hour and a half drive to Patong I was a little more than confused. Local planes are cheap and frequent in Thailand while busses are exponentially cheaper but take hours to get to and from your destination. Night trains are also a great way of getting around. Try out first class and stay in luxury for cheap!

Pick your islands. I found it best to book tours directly with hotels where they arrange transportation for you as well as times you need to be awake. Choosing your islands ahead of time will help you narrow down what tours you want to take. I urge you to research your tour ahead of time though before deciding with the hotel front desk. We went to a Maya Bay one on a speed boat but only spent 30 minutes there! Before we knew it we were being taken to a locally owned island where you had to pay for everything and the beach was all coral. Not fun. AirAsia has lots of deals!

Money. Exchange money at 7/11’s. You will get the proper currency exchange and they are easy to find. Cash works best in Thailand I found. Lots of markets and vendors that are cash only so make sure you add this to your checklist.

Travel Insurance. See if your credit card covers travel insurance or look at finding some. It never hurts to be insured. My second night in Thailand I got mild (didn’t feel mild at the time!) food poisoning and thought I was dying. I wanted to go to the hospital because I never had food poisoning before and was freaking out. Another time I cut my hand on a rusted nail which, thanks to Aaron and some vodka, it never got infected. Aaron was feeling unwell in Bangkok so we went to the hospital to make sure all was well. Were glad we had insurance then! Medication in Thailand is cheap compare to western hospitals but it never ever hurts to be insured for emergencies.

Book your hotels/ hostels in advance. This is definitely on the checklist. And always keep your reservation at hand when checking in to avoid any confusion. Booking ahead makes sure there is room available especially if you are on Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party. Places book up quick.


maya bay and the phi phi islands


What to pack


shorts, dresses, flowing clothes

tank tops /tee shirts

bathing suits

sandles, slip ons, running shoes

mosquito net/ bug spray

tooth brush and tooth paste

shampoo, conditioner


makeup, beauty products, ect

small towel (buy a cheap beach mat when there)


napkins/ toilet paper

deodorant (spray works better in humidity)

leave room for shopping! you will cave to the markets



Carry On





chargers and adapters




headphones and iPod

lotion, lip chap, face spray

sleep mask


plane ticket (duh!)



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I hope this helped some of you who are travelling to that beautiful country! What do you pack to tropical destinations? Don’t forget to Subscribe it means the world to me! 


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    Great Post!! Cannot wait to go here next year!

    Leonie ♥ Lo On The Go

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      Oh exciting! It’s so pretty you have to go to Maya Bay (cliche but for a reason!)


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