These Hong Kong Nights

Hong Kong is crazy. It’s like the New York of China. When you think of the word “city” the first thing that comes to mind is massive buildings and skyscrapers, but really how many cities are like that? London is a giant metropolis but it doesn’t really go “up” it spreads out instead. Even Tokyo, the biggest city I’ve been to, doesn’t really seem that gigantic when you’re there (although I’m sure others would tell me I’m wrong.) Sure, there are neon lights, billboards the size of houses and masses of people but still, when I think “city,” I think height, not width.


Hong Kong gave that to me. It was mesmerizing. With an overwhelming forest of skyscrapers and architecturally unique buildings, I can honestly say it was unlike anything I have ever seen. Being a nature buff, cities never really appealed to me in a liveable way but after Hong Kong I think I could be swayed.


Mixed with Chinese and British influence it truly give me the “Lost in Translation” feel even though that was supposed to be Tokyo. When you walk along the piers (especially at night) you suddenly feel small, teeny tiny, against the never ending armada of buildings. It was beautiful. Not to mention the diverse culture of old and new, British and Chinese. Junk boats sailed in front of skyscrapers, dim sum and night markets blended in between the cracks of the new buildings, cafes dotted the streets like freckles- it was mesmerizing, like a living in a twilight of lights.


Needless to say I will be going back to Hong Kong soon.

At 8 pm every night the Symphony of Lights starts and the light show can be viewed from the Avenue of Stars. Although I wouldn’t consider this a must do, the skyline from the pier is magical. Temple Street Night Market is another great way to spend a night in Hong Kong eating street food and gathering gifts to take home.


Hong Kong was a dream come true, but unfortunately we didn’t get to spend as much time exploring the city as I wanted to as we mainly stuck around SoHo due to time constraints, so needless to say I miss the Hong Kong nights.

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  • Reply
    Indah Jelita
    January 26, 2015 at 12:23 am

    The place so beautiful. You looks gorgeous!

    Keep inspiring 🙂



    • Reply
      January 27, 2015 at 9:53 am

      Thanks so much Indah!


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