5 Things Every Traveller Needs To Do In Bangkok

Bangkok aways confused me.


When looking for things to do in Bangkok I couldn’t seem to make up my mind on what was worth it or not. When I talked to people who’ve been there I got mixed reviews. Some loved it and some said it wasn’t worth more than 2 days so when planning I didn’t really know just how long to spend there so we decided on the “safe” amount of time and chose 3 days which gave us enough time to see some highlights and to have some downtime before heading to Hong Kong.



sirocco Bangkok

5 Things You Need To Do In Bangkok


Have dinner at Sirocco – It’s not everyday you get to dine 63 stories high whilst listening to classical music while sipping on wine and decedent food which is why dining, or even having a drink, at Bangkok’s famous Sirocco Sky Bar is a must. And did I mention the beautiful view of Bangkok’s skyline over candle light?


Go to the floating markets – There are a few floating markets around Bangkok and a short drive away from Bangkok so make sure you check them out. Research which one you want to see and make sure it’s open! When we arrived to Bangkok I didn’t even think of checking if the floating markets were open and of course it was closed the day we had time to see it.



Koh San Road – Another area made famous by the Hangover franchise. Shopping, drinks, food, vendors, all at your disposal. Grab some cheap shirts and tapestries here I think they were the cheapest I’ve seen (compared to the island prices).



The Reclining Buddha and the Grand Palace (Wot Pho) – It was chaos trying to get here but it was worth it. The Buddha is 46 metres long with feet that are 5 metres long! Covered in gold leaf the Buddha is a beautiful sight to be held. Make your way over to the Grand Palace before or after to enjoy more of Bangkok’s history.



thailand wat arun


Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn) – One of my favourite things to see and climb was Wat Arun. Located along the river you get to view Bangkok from a different angle and if you plan it right, sunrise or sunset, depending on the time of year. Be weary of the steps though they are steep! Like, very steep. Using your hands steep.



What are your must see’s in Bangkok? Do you think it’s overrated or is it on your Bucket List! Don’t forget to subscribe or follow my Bloglovin!


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