A Toronto Travel Guide

I knew I was going to love Toronto I just didn’t know how much I was going to. The city was amazing! Being from a small city in Canada I had no idea just how big Toronto was! The city is full of old buildings, joggers, art galleries, unique cafes, hole in the wall restaurants, markets, style, everything. Toronto has everything.

One of the things I loved most about Toronto is that I didn’t feel like an idiot with my camera out because Toronto is such an artsy city with students and travellers that everyone’s out and taking photos with no judgement.

Another thing I loved was all the restaurants. So many cool Instagram worthy places to eat! There’s a place called The Lockhart which is a Harry Potter influenced Pub! Hint hint. But with so much to see in Toronto it can be hard to narrow down what’s worth it or not especially if you’re short on time.


Here is my Toronto Travel Guide:



View from the CN Tower 🙈

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CN Tower – Probably one of the most iconic towers in the world the CN Tower is 553 meters high (taller than the empire state building) and was only recently beat in height by the Burj Khalifa (828m!) I know this isn’t a unique thing to do but it is a must if you are in Toronto. The Tower gives you panoramic views of the city and a gorgeous view of Lake Ontario. Price: $35 CAN


Tip: It gets foggy in Toronto often so make you choose a day with good weather and no smog or else you’ll be looking at white!



kensington marketkensington marketkensington marketkensington market

Kensington Market: One of the coolest places I got to go was Kensington Market which is a colourful hub full of vintage markets, cafes, organic food and lots of cool shopping. Jimmy’s Coffee has great organic treats and a patio.


Because when you travel everything makes sense 🍁

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Tip: Go find the parking garage and make your way to the top floor and get a unique view of the city with an urban feel.



flat iron building torontoflat iron building

“My heart swings back and forth between the need for routine and the urge to run.” Missing it already 🍁

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Flat Iron Building: One of the lesser, if it is even an attraction, places to see is the Flat Iron Building. The red brick building is formally called the Godderham Building and was opened in 1892. I don’t know why I wanted to see it so bad but I did. Located on Wellington Street the impressive building is a must see. One of the things I loved most about Toronto is that none of the buildings are cookie cutter and the Flat Iron Building is a nice contract from the surrounding building.



distillery districtdistillery district

I love Toronto 🍁❤️

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The Distillery District: I didn’t hear about this place till my last day from the recommendation of a Torontonian (Is that right?). If only we were there a few more days we would have seen the District come alive in Christmas decorations as the Christmas Markets were just being put up when we got there. In the warmer temperatures there is rooftop patios and outdoor seating and we were told it is, “Like Paris,” as it is more romantic area of Toronto.



queen street torontoqueen street torontoqueen street torontoqueen street toronto

Queen and King Street: The two best shopping streets in Toronto these streets are lined with cafes, restaurants, boutiques, chain clothing stores, you name it. Get for spending the afternoon shopping and getting a bite to eat! We ate at a picturesque place called Stelvio which polenta fries were amazing. You only get four pieces though which is not okay! I want like ten..


What’s one of the cities you have been to that you knew you would love? Did it live up to your expectations? Share your thoughts in the comments! 






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