You’ve Never Seen Vancouver’s Treetops Quite Like This

When you think of Vancouver you instantly think of their prestige mountain views, the ocean on the horizon and the laid back Vancouver lifestyle. Something you might also think of is the surrounding forest that’s lush and green and simply beautiful. It’s almost not fair how beautiful Vancouver is. I mean how lucky can a city get! You can spend your mornings skiing in the mountains and spend your afternoons basking on the beach. And when you don’t like being in the snow or sand, you can head to the forest, with trees so big it would make Crysta from FernGully cry! Please tell me I’m not the only child who watched that..

Something I’ve always wanted to do was visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge and even though I’ve been to Van four times I’ve never made it there, until this June that is. Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is this gorgeous area where you can explore Vancouver’s treetop park that makes tourists and travellers alike flock to Vancouver’s near outdoors.

All year round people make their way to experience what life is like in Vancouver’s dense forest. It’s somewhere you can live you childhood dream of having a huge treehouse. And while it’s not necessarily a house, there’s plenty of walkways entwined in Vancouver’s treetops, if your watched my Instastories (add me here if you haven’t already!) or Snapchat you’ll have seen my freaking out lol (scared of heights).

When I was little I lived in the trees. I grew up on an acreage and spent my weekends camping. I loved the forest, the animals, the grass and the trees. I loved the trees so much I would spend all day in them. I’m sure at first my mom would freak out because I would climb so high but eventually, she realized I would be fine. She installed this iron bell beside our homes door and would ring it when it was time to eat and I would hussle my way down.

Moving into the city has been a bummer in that sense. I live in an apartment and while there is a courtyard with a tree I feel like it would be weird for my neighbores to see a twenty-five year old perched at the top. But I do miss the freedom I had when I was out of the city.

When we got to the Capilano Suspension Bridge I was ready to be back in the treetops and nature. But to my surprise when they say suspension bridge they actually mean a suspension bridge. In a few posts like the time I hiked the Tiger Leaping Gorge in China I mention I was scared of heights. So imagine my shock when I went to bolt to the trees only to be stopped by the whole bridge shaking and swinging. My knees actually buckled when I felt the bridge rock back and forth. Little children laughed as they raced passed, me nothing more than some idiot in the middle of the walkway.

Aaron laughed at me the whole time and I’m pretty sure he Snap-Chatted me penguin walking my way across, finally moving after an old lady squealed in terror as she motored passed me, making me look extra dumb because at least she was scared and moving. I was just turtling by the railing.

There’s no photos of me on the bridge because I was not cute.. Aaron had a good time laughing at me. But once I crossed the bridge I finally got to see how beautiful everything was without my gut sinking as some little shit shook the bridge.

Getting to the bridge was easy, there’s a free shuttle from Canada Place and even some pick up spots at places like Robson Street, which is where we stayed. On the drive the driver told us that the trees in Vancouver got to be that big because of all the fog and moisture in the air. And you guys should see the size of these trees. If I was a kid again you would never get me out of them. These trees were hundreds of years old and looked as impressive as that sounds.

After you cross the suspension bridge you can make your way into the gorgeous treetops to see just how big these trees were from up high. It was a rainy misty June day and everything was so lush and vibrant. We got a little cold (I thought it was going to be boiling hot in Vancouver hence the crop top and coveralls) so we got a coffee. And to my amazement they actually had soy milk! Vancouver is so with the times it’s amazing.


Being in Vancouver’s treetops was unreal. We went early so there was few people to interrupt the moment. It felt like I could breathe again when we were there. The stress of life fading as we spent more times in the damp trees. I know this is so cliche but whatever, being in nature is so cleansing to the soul and mind, it makes me really want to try harder to reconnect with nature.

There are plenty of places to take photos because like most attractions people block the entrance but when you start moving the crowds dwindle and you can basically have a tree to yourself. Once you’ve had your enjoyment of the treetops you can mosey your way down and experience the trees some the ground which is equally as impressive!

Canadians and our fudge.. We love it!

Once we had our fix of trees and our stomachs started rumbling it was time to eat. And to my amazement they had a little healthy pita stuffed with arugula and quinoa bites! I did cancel out the healthiness with the mound of French fries I ate but you got to treat yo self sometimes.

After a quick bite and some water it started pouring rain so Aaron got us these sexy green ponchos and they were awesome and free. You just have to go to the front desk to get some if you get caught in the rain. We headed to the cliff walk section that’s a walkway above the treetops and I got laughed at by some guy because I started bickering to Aaron when he tried baby talking me to start walking. We’re that couple.

But I made it across and am pretty proud of myself. I mean I know these things are obviously safe or they wouldn’t let children run around like chickens but still, mission accomplished.


I would highly recommend exploring Vancouver’s treetops and cliff walks at the suspension bridge park. I know I read some reviews of people saying not to waste your time here but some people are to ‘anti-tousit’ for their own good. It’s a beautiful park and area of Vancouver so it’s going to be gorgeous. If you wish to avoid rushes just go early because it really was a pretty cool experience.



Hope you guys enjoyed this post. What’s one of your favourite attractions in your country? Share in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe below and check out my Instagram :]

















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  • Reply
    September 15, 2017 at 6:57 am

    This is great- love the pictures!

  • Reply
    Valerie Alexandra
    July 5, 2017 at 8:43 am

    Wow! Great read. I can’t wait to visit Vancouver, especially check out these trees!

  • Reply
    Elly McGuinness
    June 30, 2017 at 1:56 am

    Wow, this place is amazing! Love the photos and I am definitely adding to my bucket list:)

  • Reply
    June 28, 2017 at 5:33 pm

    So lush! It’s absolutely beautiful there. Even in the rain.
    Isn’t it so funny how our minds work. Like, you know you’re safe, you know nothing bad will happen, but your mind is like, nope – survival mode!
    The older I get the more nature calls to me. I grew up in the city, but I always craved the country – I read books about the country, I wrote books about the country, I even begged my dad to move. It’s really amazing the rejuvenating power nature seems to have on some of us. I love it.
    Definitely need to make my way back to Vancouver and experience it myself.


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