An Italian Getaway On Vancouver Island: Checking Into Villa Marco Polo

As many Canadians know it’s hard to find some old historical buildings to stay in. I mean I know we are a new country, so there is only so many historic buildings around, but still, I crave a taste of Europe now and again. Old buildings give of this soulful feel and I always find myself more drawn to them. They’re beautiful, classic and always a great experience.

To say I’ve been missing Italy is an understatement. Not a day goes by where I don’t dream of espresso coffees, the tastiest flatbread pizzas, or the abundance of fresh fruits and lemon juice. Not to mention how stunning the buildings are and how unreal it is to be wandering around cobblestone streets looking at all the flowers hanging off the balconies.. but this post isn’t about Italy. It’s about an Italian escape right here in Canada on Vancouver Island.


Aaron and I love to stay at small boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts or vacation rentals we find on Airbnb (use my referral link to get a travel credit!) – these kinds of places have charm and always make our stays feel extra special. After searching for a perfect place to stay in Victoria I was lead to Villa Marco Polo. The photos of the villa looked unreal and so different from any place I’ve stayed in Canada. The building itself was enough to draw you in, but the renaissance styled rooms and Persian carpets looked something out of a fairytale. Not to mention every review of the villa was 5 stars. Aaron and I had stayed at a very cheap, yet awesome, hotel in Vancouver, so for Victoria we decided to treat ourselves to a little luxury and I couldn’t think of anywhere more perfect.

Aaron and I spent 3 days at this romantic villa which is set in a 1923 Italian Renaissance style building. It’s tucked away in Victoria on a quiet suburban street and I almost laughed because my cousin who lives in Victoria was only a few blocks away! She had no idea this building was nestled right around the corner.

Aaron and I arrived in our little rental car and parked out front of the building. Inside we were met with one of the innkeepers, Alejandro, who gave us a small tour of the building. This villa was everything you would expect. Cute, charming, lavish and romantic.

The Room

We stayed in the Juliette Suite and if you follow me on Instagram you will know I had a little room tour. All rooms at Marco Polo are themed and our room featured the ‘Juliette’ balcony which looks over the garden, much like in Romeo and Juliette. And beyond the garden you’ll catch breathtaking views of the mountains on a clear day. I thought the mountains were clouds on our first day!

The room was large and spacious, which as a travelling couple is so important. The bed was large and impressive as well. Aaron’s 6’3 so I didn’t have to worry about being squished or pushed off the bed, we fit more than comfortably (not to mention there was chocolates on the pillow). It didn’t take us long to get comfortable in the room. After spending the afternoon on the ferry from Vancouver we were so excited to rest out feet.


Oh look! It’s me in a bathtub 😛

I think the bathroom is what sold me on the room when I was still in the booking process. The bathtub was one of those amazing tubs that are featured in the middle of the room, and it felt so luxurious to have. There was even champagne glasses ready and a small side table so you didn’t have to worry about hanging over the tub to get your glass of red wine. I’m not a big bath person but I couldn’t not try it out. Needless to say at 10pm one night I was soaking in bubbles and champagne.



The breakfast at Marco Pollo was the best homemade breakfast I’ve ever had at a B&B. Breakfast is served at 8, which was a bit late for me, but if you’re not a 5am riser then it is a perfect time.

The food was crafted with love and it was so amazing. Everyday they changed their menu which might I just add, were four courses. You were given a fresh smoothie every morning, then a smaller plate, then a main and then dessert. Yes, dessert for breakfast.

We had these muffins on our first day and it was so hard not to inhale them! They were made fresh that morning and were still warm when we were served them. There is nothing quite like fresh baked goods straight out of the oven. I honestly thought of asking for more but restrained myself haha.

I’m a vegetarian but I eat a vegan/plant-based diet because I pick and choose my dairy battles. BUT, not only did the hosts create dishes I could eat, they were more than happy to cater to me which was so relieving. For breakfasts we got berry salads, fresh chocolate chip muffins served with homemade jam, my main vegetarian dish was grilled vegetables over a bed of seasons polenta one day.. I’m drooling just thinking about it. I even got vegan ice cream one day!! Yus.

Something also to note is breakfast is served with all the other guests. The first two nights Aaron and I got lucky and were able to have breakfast away from the group in this cute little sun area. Yes I am so anti-social. I just like being able to eat and enjoy my time without pressure to make conversation with strangers. I also like being able to take a 1000 photos of my food without judgemental eyes. So I was very happy being with just Aaron at our cute little table!

There is also free coffee and tea to enjoy every morning if you are awake before breakfast.


This is the library which was right next to our room. Aaron and I are early risers so before the other guests got up for breakfast we would either enjoy our time in our room or lounge in here with some coffee.

Red wine, complimentary of the villa.

Villa Marco Polo Grounds

Villa Marco Pollo will make you feel like your at a luxurious Italian home with all the flowers and well manicured lawn to look at and enjoy. It was quite rainy when we were there so we didn’t sit out in the yard but we aways had our balcony open which made our room smell so fresh and relaxing. There are 6 rooms at Villa Marco Pollo, all which have different themes. There is also a library for guests to enjoy which Aaron and I took advantage of. The library has big comfy sofas, countless books to look at, and even has red wine waiting for you in crystal glasses. I definitely had a few glasses on my way to breakfast.


villa marco polo How lovely is this to wake up to? This is a perfect place for some day lounging if you don’t feel like exploring.

villa marco polo

Aaron and I enjoyed our stay so much here! It was beyond our expectations and was such a treat to experience. Here is Villa Marco Polo’s site for those of you who are interested!


Where’s your favourite place to stay?

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  • Reply
    September 29, 2017 at 9:38 am

    I’ve never been to Vancouver Island but when I do I am totally going to visit this place! Love all of the photos

  • Reply
    September 15, 2017 at 7:38 pm

    I hope I have a chance to visit someday; it looks very beautiful! <3 I'm in Montreal, but planning one day to visit all the provinces and territories; Vancouver is pretty much my next one on my list!

  • Reply
    Marie Beausoleil
    September 3, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    I don’t imagine I’ll ever make it all the way to the Pacific (I’m waaaaay east in Nova Scotia) but that looked absolutely lovely and I enjoyed the mini tour. How decadent – wine before breakfast!


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