Exploring Victoria’s Parliament Building

He was trying to smell the flowers but didn’t want to make it look like it.. cutie pants ♥

It was one of those days where you forget to make a plan on what to see so you end up just wandering around aimlessly hoping to find something exciting. I knew the pier was something I wanted to see since I couldn’t really remember what it looked like on my first trip to Victoria so after a coffee we headed down the cobble steps and made our way around the marina.


When we got down I was pleasantly surprised at how busy the patios were and how many people were strolling about for a workday afternoon. But as we quickly found out the weather in Victoria is very warm even though it was only 18 degrees (it felt like 25 degrees) so people were always outside enjoying themselves.


One of my favourite spots in Victoria that we wandered by was Victoria’s Parliament Building itself. I think it had to be one of my favourite places to take photos in Victoria. Yes the mountains were majestic, the beaches pristine, and the ocean mesmerizing but Victoria’s Parliament Building remind me of Europe, a place that I have been missing ever since I left so I felt compelled to do it justice and take some quality photos.


Another lovely thing about it was that it was close to Downtown and right beside Victoria Harbour where you could see all the sail boats and yachts. People were laying in the grass, the air was warm, the flowers were blooming and beautiful and you could look at the Harbour and see the mountains off in the distance. It really is a charming summer spot to rest and enjoy.


You can also enjoy the building at night when it is all lit up and beautiful but unfortunately I was silly and didn’t take any photos so I could show you.

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