Why You’ll Fall In Love With Old Town Dali

Have you ever heard of Dali?

While spending two months exploring China my boyfriend and I decided stop in Dali before we heading to Zhangjiajie. Dali is a hippy town near the Tibetan boarder and we only stopped there to take a break from our 20 hour train ride.

Dali is located in the Yunnan province and the place instantly grasps you. The scenery is beautiful. Beyond Old Town you’ll find a gorgeous mountain view that you can hike.

View from my window 😍

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When we got to Dali I truly knew nothing about it. But once we arrived we were completely absorbed by everything. There were cafes everywhere in Old Town, live bands playing, hip and trendy youth wandering around the streets arm in arm with their beau.


the view from out hostel was unreal

If you’re looking for great food try Fu Xing Street for some restaurants. I’m a vegetarian so naturally I scope out all the good veggie places and there’s a vegetarian restaurant there called Lovely Lotus and they have a buffet 🙂 There are also a few really bad restaurants in Old Town that look really cute and fun, but they are bad so keep an eye out on what other people are eating. At one place Aaron got a French onion soup and I got “roasted root vegetables” and it was actually repulsive. His soup was warmed up milk with cut up red onion and my vegetables were.. well I don’t know what they were haha.


How cute are the streets here!? Actually makes my heart melt

Another little surprise Dali has in store is they have bumping Karaoke! I would die if I went on stage but it was so fun watching people perform! At night you’ll hear an explosion of music mixed between Karaoke and Top 40 tunes. You should have seen my face when I heard Showtek blaring from this traditional style building. I actually snapped it (fernwehwolf)

At one bar we got a cocktail and 6 beers came with it.


Obviously I found a Starbucks on Dali. I had gone WEEKS on instant coffee and was in desperate need of some soy milk and caffeine. I might have sprinted into the Starbucks to be honest lol.

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We found a really cute cafe! One of many 🙂 I also got makeup all over my hand.. Breakfast from out hostel. That green onion cake was unreal. I wish I could have it every day.

If I had to tell you to choose between Lijiang and Dali I would choose Dali. Unless you’re going to the Tiger Leaping Gorge then hang out in Lijiang for a few days. I feel bad for not exploring Old Town Dali more but we were so pressed for time! I would have loved 4-5 days here to really see the area and take in the gorgeous mountains.


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    Marlynn | UrbanBlissLife
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    How cute! I bet it was so much fun 🙂


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