A Locals Food Guide To Montreal

A locals guide to Montreal was such a big help! Montreal if famous for their good food. Maybe it’s because it’s on the French side of Canada and the French are known for their cooking. As randomness goes when I was in Montreal I was contacted by an old friend I had met two years prior. And when I say friend I mean Facebook friend that I had met at a concert for about 20 minutes. I think we had one conversation and that was that. So you can imagine my surprise when I got a message from him asking how long I was in Montreal for and that we should meet up! My mind immediately went to, “Was I so drunk I don’t remember making friends with him?” I mean back in my bar star days I could drink, but I’ve never been that drunk I couldn’t remember talking to someone.

And I was right! I wasn’t to drunk, he was just that nice! Before I even got to Montreal I had a locals food guide to Montreal and all the hidden food spots!


Where to eat:


divine chocolatier



Divine Chocolatier – Yup gonna start with dessert first! As a pretty healthy person I make sure my treats are worth it and this chocolate house had some of the best chocolate I’ve ever had! You aren’t even allowed to touch anything in the store because the chocolate will melt in your hands!


Big in Japan – Big in Japan is one of Montreal’s best kept secrets that’s not so secret anymore. There are two Big in Japans in Montreal so don’t be fooled by the restaurant. The Big in Japan I am talking about is a black door, unmarked, unadvertised and is literally on the side of the street. Extremely hard to find if you aren’t a local. I think I walked by it twice in the days before without knowing. I love it because you feel so slinky and sexy when you go in, like you’re in a James Bond movie going to one of those underground restaurants. It has an underground bar type feel with candles, luxurious lounge chairs and a luxurious ambiance. The service could be better but I almost feel like they are trying to be illusive?


Schwartz – You can’t go to Montreal without someone talking and Schwartz. It’s a restaurant famous for their Montreal smoked meat that has people lining up all they way down the block! I don’t eat that but I have been told it is the best in Montreal!


Pro Tip: When you see Schwartz you will see a large line – Make sure that isn’t the line to the Schwartz restaurant. You can go to the other door where the line is almost never existent and get your smoked meat there. You walk in, order, and can either at at the small seating area in the back or take it to go.


La Banquise – For poutine! You can’t go to Montreal and not get a poutine.


La poutine montrealla poutine Montréal


Poutineville – For poutine. I laughed when we went in for the first time because it says “Open till 5am” and I was like “Who gets poutine at 5am!?” And then I answered my own question when I stumbled out of the Uber and into their doors at 4:36am. Apparently drunk people are that predictable 😛


Montreals bagels are da bomb 😍

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Fairmount Bagel – No trip to Montreal is complete without sampling Montreal’s famous sesame seed bagels. Open 24 hours for us carb lovers! Grab a fresh sesame bagel with cream cheese or try the garlic one as well. You can’t go wrong with a Montreal bagel.



Crêperie chez SuzetteCrêperie chez Suzette


Crêperie chez Suzette – Located in Old Town enjoy a Savory French crepe filled with brie and apples with Canadian maple syrup! So good. I’m really loving sweet and savoury combinations.

Montreal's food was on spot 👌

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Cardinal Tea Room – Othewise called the Salon de thé Cardinal. Is a really cool, off the grid tea spot with a huge chandelier, a “grab” piano and walls lined with books. They serve amazing tea, scones, sandwiches. They also have amazing brunch. Unfortunately I was in there after hours so I was unable to try there amazing food but the tea room was was a really cool design.



China Town Monteal


China Town – Also on St Laurent, China Town has tons of Asian shops, restaurants, and markets. I was told, but didn’t make it to, to go to Patisserie Harmonie which has lots of yummy buns filled with different stuff.


It’s hard to eat everything in Montreal although I tried my best! If you are sort on time then make sure you get a bagel, poutine and a drink from Big in Japan!




Where’s some of the best food you’ve ever eaten? Do you have a favourite cuisine or do you love everything like me?! Share your food love in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to stay up to date with Fernweh!




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