Weekend Guide To Amsterdam

The best things in life are surprises and Europe is full of them. Amsterdam completely took my heart by storm. I always thought I had a soft spot for Asia but as soon as we got off the central train I was mesmerized. After a three hour train Aaron and I arrived with grins on our faces even though the skies were grey and the ground was wet. When you leave the train station you’re in it. You’re surrounded by people, cars, buses, bikes and everything else all moving around so fast your head could spin.

I left Amsterdam feeling invigorated and excited for life. Here is my guide to a perfect weekend in Amsterdam.



What To Do

Visit a coffeeshop – When in Rome, right? If you’re going to smoke then I suggest heading to the Dampkring. It’s a cozy safe place with a very knowledgable staff

Cruise the canals – If you don’t feel like renting a boat, Amsterdam offers hop on hop off cruises that take you to famous sites.

Rent a bike – If you dare. I have no idea how Amsterdam functions. When you go you’ll see what I mean.

Get street frites – Street fries are a must eat in Amsterdam. Aaron and I were so excited when we saw the neon frites sign.  Try the local special with mayo, onions and curry sauce or even peanut sauce! Sounds pretty gross to me (I got ketchup because I’m lame (no shame)) but everyone loves them

Experience Amsterdam nightlife – Amsterdam is known for their thriving nightlife and new wave techno music from up and coming artists. Head out any day of the week for a unique experience.

Devour some poffertjies – Little dollops of pancake batter sprinkled in beautiful powdered sugar served with chocolate sauce and corn syrup.. Quite the mouthful right? Soooo goooood. I had them every night before bed.. I’m not even kidding I dragged my boyfriend to the restaurant at 10pm almost nightly!

Visit the flower market – Open all year around, see all the beautiful flowers and cactuses they have along the canals. I hear it’s even more beautiful when the Tulips are blooming! They also have the cutest succulents so make sure you check out the flower markets! One of my dreams is to have a home with plants everywhere 🙂

Red Light District

Drink a Heineken – I had no idea that heineken was brewed in Amsterdam. Leave it to my boyfriend to fill me in on that but since I live in Canada Heineken is really expensive and I think here it was a Euro? Definitely worth checking off your list even if you aren’t a beer drinker

Visit the Van Gogh Museum – Book your tickets online to skip the line. You can even book on your phone right then and there. It’s literally that easy and will save you a massive wait in line.

Get lost among the canals – Just like I did. I spent over an hour lost one day in Amsterdam wandering the canals. But it’s gorgeous and you feel different, as if you are from Amsterdam and this is your daily walk.

Dam Square – Amsterdam’s most popular square is definitely one of the best things to see It’s bustling with locals and tourists and pigeons

Best Bagels

Bagels n Beans – This was my favourite breakfast in Amsterdam. For 5 Euro you get a bagel, a latte, juice,  jam and cream cheese for 5 Euro.. That’s amazing


Best Brunch

Metropolitan – This is a very instagramable place to eat and the food is as good as it looks


Best Cocktails

Door 74 – Grab some fancy cocktails after a long day on your feet


What are your Amsterdam recommendations?

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