Why You’ll Love Your Stay At The Matrix Hotel In Edmonton

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Do you know those hotels that feel like your second home? The ones where you settle in as if you were walking in your own door, leaving all the rush and panic behind you? Well the Matrix is just that for me. As a part time travel blogger I love to have staycations when I’m in my home country of Canada. Having downtime from travel is great, but I still miss the feeling of hotels and lobbies and being somewhere different.

Aaron and I have enjoyed a stay at The Matrix about four or five times now just for fun. It’s a perfect place for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or just a place to get away from it all. The hotel has a warm chic vibe to it and their rooms are well thought out and equipped. You can get a basic double bedroom or a suite which is what Aaron and I usually go for. You can’t beat having a kitchenette in your room.


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Why do you need to stay at the Matrix Hotel?

For the staycation vibe you can get all the comforts of relaxation and ‘me time‘ without leaving your room. They provide coffees and teas in their keuriges, little candies and of course wine and a mini bar for those nights where you want to have a few drinks without leaving the coziness of your room.

On this trip Aaron and I did it for my birthday. They have a wine and cheese night from 5:30 to 7:30 in the evening which is perfect for a pre dinner snack and buzz. You get two complimentary glasses of wine so definitely take advantage. They usually provide choices between two whites and two reds.

For those wanting to explore the city the hotels location is perfect. In the heart of downtown you can easily walk to Edmontons famous river valley, all the best restaurants and shopping within blocks, and if you’re daring you can walk across the Highlevel Bridge and reward yourself with a warm gooey cinnamon bun from The Sugar Bowl. Also one of my favourite restaurants is only a block away. It is a French cuisine inspired restaurant called The Marc which I loveee. Their vegetarian dish changes daily and I have never been disappointed with their creation.

stay at the matrix hotel

Another reason Aaron and I love going to The Matrix is their buffet breakfast. Instead of the sad, dry cereal buffets that seem to be the norm among hotels, The Matrix puts effort into theirs. Cinnamon buns, quiches, chefs creations like tarts, eggs, the best oatmeal ever, an array of fruits like pineapple and strawberries- it’s pretty drool worthy. And then they have a bagel, bread and pastries section where you can lavish yourself with sweet treats. I remember Aaron and I stayed here for Valentines Day and we were so obsessed. The dining area has floor to ceiling windows so while we had breakfast we watched all the snow drift down that cold February morning and it was pretty magical to be honest.

Naturally I’ll bring more coffee talk to this post but they have an espresso machine where you can make your own lattes and cappuchinos or americanos. Along with this there is a server who goes around making sure your coffee is topped up to your liking. And if you don’t finish? Bring it up to your room!


stay at the matrix hotel There is also a little fireplace in the suite rooms! I loved having that little extra bit of lush in our room. Aaron and I grabbed a glass of wine and sat by the fireplace while we prepared for dinner.

If you are travelling to Edmonton or live in the area I definitely recommend you stay at The Matrix Hotel. The rooms are lovely, it’s centrally located and the price is completely reasonable. Especially when you add in the wine and cheese and amazing breakfast. You can find more about the hotel on their website!



Where’s your favourite place to have a staycation? Comment below so I can add it to my list! 







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