How To Survive Thailands Full Moon Party

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full moon party koh Phangan


Going to the Full Moon Party had always been a dream of mine. The dancing, the beach, the moon.. It was all so cool. So when booking our Thailand trip you can bet I made sure we were there for the Full Moon Party. Not the Half Moon but the Full Moon.


And it was so worth it.


We booked our hotel and it was an unfortunate/ fortunate 45 minute drive from the Full Moon Party beach not because we meant to stay away but because I had no idea the island was that big. I just assumed everything was a close distance based off the map size. Tourist fail.



Tip #1 Don’t assume it’s a small island just because it looks small on the map. Book somewhere you are comfortable with and where you want to spend your time on Koh Phangan. Are you there to party and shop or are you there to party and chill? Or just chill?



When trying to plan our time in Koh Phangan I had a hard time finding any real information on what happens once you get to the Full Moon Party beach. Where do you get your tickets? Where should you stay? Etc. So putting together a Full Moon Party Survival Tips seemed like a good thing to do since November to January is the best time to go to Thailand!



Tip #2 Don’t get your face and body paint by anyone but the tattoo artists! They are reasonably priced and amazing. I got a dragon up my calf for maybe 80-100 Baht. Where I got my arm done by a random guy with a crowd of people all in line, with poorly drawn feathers to show for it, the guy tried charging 500 Baht. Um nooo..


full moon party koh Phangan


Tip #3 There is unlimited face and body paint for you to use after you enter the Full Moon Party! Pay the guy 50 Baht and paint away as much as you want. Much better if you have some artistic skill and will become the life of the party painting on people otherwise doodle away!


Tip #4 Be weary of buckets.. I saw a lady picking buckets off the beach and whether or not she was reusing them it’s still better to be safe than sorry with TD later.. But you’re at a party and most likely wasted sooo that’s what co azithromycin is for. (always talk to your travel doctor before leaving!)


Tip #5 Book your hostel or hotel in advance. I didn’t have any problems finding a place to stay because my thing was I wanted to stay in a nice villa where we could lounge on the beach for a few days so it didn’t matter how close I was to the party. If you want to get away from the crowds on Haad Rin book a place within a comfortable driving distance for you from the beach or plan around a long drive. If you are far away don’t worry the party is all night! You won’t miss the fun


full moon party koh phangan


Tip #6 Watch out for each other. This is a crazy party and people are doing all sorts of things so make sure you are being safe and always watch your drinks! Better to be safe then sorry.


Tip #7 Bring toilet paper with you. I’ve said this in previous posts but I cannot stress enough on bringing toilet paper. Bring quite a bit because you know someone will have forgotten theirs and will look at you with pleading eyes and soon you’ll have no toilet paper.


Tip #8 Bring snacks or else there is food on the beach like pizza. I had a mini panic when I realized I was 45 minutes from my hotel with no food and limited Baht. Thankfully pizza was there for the rescue on the beach.


Tip #9 Your hotel should give you wristbands with your hotel written on it so you can find your way home. When you are ready to leave the party ask one of the cab drivers to point you in the right direction to which cab/ tuk tuk you need to get home. Try not to pass out on a stranger like a certain someone I know :p


Tip #10 Drinks are cheaper away from the main areas and even cheaper inside! Don’t start spending crazy money on drinks outside the beach because once through I think the drinks were half the price! And better choices.


full moon party


Tip #11 Have fun and make friends! But you knew that



I hope you found these Thailand Full Moon Party Survival Tips handy. I know I could have used some when trying to figure out how to navigate Koh Phangan.



A bonus tip: When arriving to the island take the speed boat. You feel like James Bond and it saves you a lot of time plus you aren’t cramped with a bunch of people! All wins to me!


Have you ever been to a Full Moon Party? What are some of your tips when travelling to a foreign party? Would you ever go to one?




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  • Reply
    October 24, 2015 at 3:17 am

    Great tips! I really want to go to a full moon party in Thailand. Most of the times I travel alone and for the full moon party I want to be sure I can rely on somebody/a group, just because there are many bad stories. So when I’m in Thailand I’ll try to find some people to go with!

    • Reply
      October 27, 2015 at 9:07 am

      It’s a lot of fun and everyone’s so friendly I’m sure you’ll make friends easy if you can’t find someone to go with! I heard a lot of bad stories to but I didn’t run or see anything alarming :]
      Thanks for commenting Marissa!


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