The 5 Most Incredible Places I’ve Ever Been

I’m not one to pick favourites. The places I love change all the time and once I start remembering a place I become obsessed with going back. And then the next day I’ll think of another place I have been and then I start planning my trip there again. What can I say I love to travel! Any excuse to get on that plane to a new adventure. But – if I haddddddd to choose, these would have to be the 5 most incredible places I’ve ever been!



Lucerne, Switzerland 


Lucerne, Switzerland – I know Lucerne is the only town in Switzerland I’ve been too but I feel like that’s a hard bar to pass. I mean the morning we left the light reflecting on the water was of another world. The colours mixed together in soft hues and Mount Palatis was in the background peaking over the clouds. And then the swans.. It will forever be my fairytale city.



Positano, Italy 


A Romantic Getaway To Positano

Positano, Italy – Few things trump waking up in Positano to watch the sunrise. Few things trump waking up on a cliff side with birds chirping and a canyon behind you. I’ll never forget my first morning groggy from a hectic night before but all my anxieties fell away and I watched the purples and pinks of the sky as the sun started to rise. You can’t forget moments like that.


Maya Bay, Thailand


maya bay thailand

Maya Bay, Thailand – When Aaron and I drifted through to Maya Bay on our speed boat I had my breath taken away. I never seen anything like Maya Bay. Being from Canada with mountains and pine trees Maya Bay was almost a polar opposite. It was one of those places that take a hold of your heart.



Ronda, Spain 


5 reasons why you need to go to ronda

Ronda, Spain – This is one of the places I stalked on Pinterest. There wasn’t many photos of Ronda and that made me even more curious. As soon as we arrived we were in love. It was near the end of our trip and we couldn’t have picked a more perfect place to leave Spain on. It was like a post card. We hiked, we ate tapas, drank wine, and watched the sunset over the amazing bridge before us. It was if reality didn’t exit and all we had was this moment.



Mount. Koyasan, Japan


mount koya

Mount, Koyasan – This was the first site I ever really became obsessed with and I made sure on my second trip to Japan I didn’t miss Koyasan. It was so beautiful up there. I could tell why it was one of the most spiritual places on the planet. We stayed in a temple and watched the monks morning prayer. After we walked to the graveyard and as creepy as it sounds – I had never been more at peace. The sunlight was peaking through the trees and the morning fog was still heavy on the tombstones. If I could have spent more time on Mount Koya I would have.



Where’s the most incredible place you ever been? Share in the comments I love it!! 

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