The Perfect Contour Stick For Pale Beauties

Perfect Contour Stick For Pale Beauties


As a pale girl with a baby face I can look quite round and washed out in photos which isn’t my favourite thing to look at.. especially since I have naturally red lips..  I can look a bit crazy and plagueish in the wrong lighting! It would get annoying because in a mirror I would think, “I look nice.” And then as soon as a photo’s taken I’d see how washed out my face was. I looked tired, beat and my favorite – sick. How many pale girls out there get asked if they are sick??

the perfect contour stick for pale skin beauties

When the contour stick became this unstoppable entity of makeup I would often roll my eyes.  To me you didn’t need an expensive contour stick you just needed to contour with a darker foundation. But when I started looking for a foundation that didn’t have an orangey undertone I began to think maybe there was something to a contour stick. Plus I couldn’t help but get annoyed at how little control I had with using a foundation as a contour because, as an artist, I am a hands on kind of person. I wanted to draw right on my face. When I discovered the contour stick by Tarte I was obsessed. This cool undertoned contour worked so well for my pale skin but as companies do -they discontinued it. Rude. I bought their palest stick thinking it was the same and was horrified at the pink streak left on my face. Not the pretty contour I remembered.


So I went back to Sephora and as soon as she saw how fair I was she said, “Oh, you definitely need something cooler than that!” That was when I was introduced to Lancôme’s contour and highlight stick in Ivoire. This stick is amazinggggg. It gives you more of a grey undertone instead of a brown which is good because contour is meant to fake a shadow, not nessisarily to give you a bronzed contour.

the perfect contour stick for pale skin beautiesthe perfect contour stick for pale skin beauties

the perfect contour stick for pale skin beautiesAnd then there’s the creamy texture that is so easy to blend into your skin! Within a few strokes this shade is blended right into your skin and is streak free when used with a brush. Pro Tip: Brush the contour upwards in small flicks. This will lift your cheeks even more and as someone who has no cheek bones this is a handy trick!  There is no gloss or shine or glittery sparkles in it so it is perfect for pale skin!


I now have cheek bones :]

I know have cheek bones :]

the perfect contour stick for pale skin beauties

I should have filled in my brows..

I also love that it is in a portable tube and that it comes with a highlight. It is perfect for travelling. It takes up little to no room in your makeup bag which is so nice because common, how annoying does it get when you’re travelling and you have all these little products taking up space? I know I’d rather have one contour color that I can apply right on my skin without having to take out a brush to blend it in! Pretty handy if you are like me and always running around last minute.


the perfect contour stick for pale skin beauties

Do you use contour? If so which one do you use I want to start trying out new products instead of relying on ones I have been using for years! As always don’t forget to Subscribe to my little blog and catch up with me on Bloglovin! <3


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    Head Elsewhere
    October 10, 2016 at 2:47 pm

    Thanks for posting this! I’m so pale an have a baby face as well, but I actually really like the contouring trend! I’m gonna give this stick a try as most are just too dark for me!


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