What To Do When Visiting The Mystical Swiss Town Of Lucerne

Visiting Lucerne this year was probably one of my favourite experiences. It was one of those “I can’t believe this is real” moments where you’re left in awe just at the sight of it. Maybe it’s because I always wanted my life to be full of travel but never thought I would actually get to travel as much as I do; I really appreciated where my life had lead me.


Lucerne is a small mountain town who’s most popular and highest mountain is Mount Pilatus. Just a short bus ride away from Lucerne’s train station the mountain is reached by two gondolas. One is a 25 minute ride in a small gondola while the second portion is reached by a bigger gondola where it is controlled by staff. They drive the gondola up Mount Pilatus’s steep peak. It’s actually the worlds steepest cogwheel train. Pretty crazy right? It hangs over deep mountain chasms that are not only freaky to be hanging over – but beautiful.

Once you’re at the top of the mountain you get to see what all the fuss is about. Lucerne is beautiful. At the top there is two hotels and a restaurant where you can enjoy Switzerland’s famous alps and take in all of its natural beauty.

Sadly (I was secretly grateful) the second gondola was closed due to heavy winds. They said if we went up we might need to spend the night on the mountain since it would be dangerous to use the gondola.



Visiting Lucerne isn’t complete without seeing the lion – my favourite. With Lucerne being so small and easy to navigate you can either walk or take a quick bus to the monument. I was surprised at how little people where at the monument when we arrived. I now know that it’s because Lucerne is very popular and busy in the summer but in the winter you can pretty much have everything to yourself!

The meaning behind the lion is he is a monument dedicated to commemorating the fallen Swiss soldiers who died during the French revolution. The lion is portrayed with a fleur-de-lis of the French monarchy and beside him is another shield being the coat of arms of Switzerland.


One of the most beautiful views is right from the water. Walk along the pier and you can see the mountains peaking in the distance and swans scattered among the water. Fresh mountain air fills your lungs and you really feel at bliss being in such a powerful scenery.

You can say I went snap happy but still never could manage to capture how beautiful the city is. Maybe it’s because it is my first introductory town to Switzerland but I’d like to say I know my mountains from living by the Canadian Rocky Mountains!



To those visiting Lucerne you won’t be disappointed! It is the cutest Swiss city and I would love to go back! 

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